Dispel the myths about failure and success in photography.  Set your sights high and build a deep foundation for success.   Understand what you earn and learn how to make cash flow.  Chart your business profitability.  Find and keep high-value clients coming in.   Earn what you're worth.  Understand how to sell your experience and products so that clients will love investing top dollar in your work.
Price your work profitably (once an for all!) and creat a winning brand and promotional stratey.  Learn the number one secret to my continued sales success!    Manage your business efficiently and effectively in a way that wows clients and allows you to have a sustainable business (and personal life).   Create that creamy, dreamy look.  Acess tools and techniques to create your unique stunning look.  Tips and tricks for a successful session every time.
Transform any image into a work of art and refine your style with a complete set of uniquely crafted creative and workflow actions.   Searching for something more?  Want individual attention and a custom plan?  Learn from my 10 years of award-winning experience.   Access premium wardrobe and vintage props at a fraction of the retail purchase price.  Choose from a wide array of fun elements to spice up your look.

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